QuickBooks Video Tutorials For Ad Specialty Distributors By a Distributor (Premier & Enterprise)

3 Months $295 | 6 Months $395 | taught by Harriet Gatter

Course description

QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise are excellent accounting software products for Ad Specialty Distributors. When used correctly, this process can simplify your accounting, bookkeeping, and order management.

Having taught many distributors how to use QuickBooks effectively, I am now delighted to offer these 16 video tutorials to do the same. Each tutorial will guide you through the step-by-step accounting process for Ad Specialty Distributors.

This course is not designed to teach you how to set up your initial company file in QuickBooks. For assistance with this, contact Harriet Gatter or Click here

The tutorials are designed specifically for the Ad Specialty Distributor business and are presented in chronological order from when an order begins to when it is complete. The objective is to allow distributors to use the full power and capacity of QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise to simplify your daily operation, train bookkeepers correctly and be able to delegate this function with confidence.

The tutorials are perfect for:

  • Training a new bookkeeper
  • Retraining a bookkeeper
  • Teaching yourself how to use QuickBooks
  • Answering your questions about QuickBooks
  • Make sure you and your bookkeeper are in agreement
  • Examining QuickBooks before you start using it

Access to all 16 tutorials is through an online link for an initial term of 3 months for $295 or 6 months for $395.

Harriet Gatter
Harriet Gatter
Founder and Owner of Accounting Support, LLC

Accounting Support LLC specializes in QuickBooks, the #1 small business accounting software package, and making it work efficiently for distributors in the Advertising Specialty Industry.

This software can make the life of an Ad Specialty Distributor easier and more productive. Knowing how to use QuickBooks can save real time and money.

I know. As an Ad Specialty Distributor of 23 years, I was always able to do all of my own bookkeeping, accounting and tax prep for my Distributorship. I missed only one deadline, thanks to systems, templates and reports that allowed me to manage each order as it demanded. Yes, my CPA prepared my taxes, but his time spent was minimal. I still am one of his favorite clients.


Email: hgatter@accountingsupportllc.com

Phone: 610-715-2852

Course Curriculum

Tutorial #1: The Step By Step Flow Chart
Tutorial #2: Customer Setup
Tutorial #3: Supplier Setup
Tutorial #4: Item Setup
Tutorial #5: Create the Order
Tutorial #6: Adjust The Supplier Purchase Order
Tutorial #7: Adjust The Customer Sales Order
Tutorial #8: Create Customer Invoice
Tutorial #9: Create A Bill
Tutorial #10: Customer Payment Receipt
Tutorial #11: Bill Payment
Tutorial #12: Operating Expenses Paid by Check
Tutorial #13: Operating Expenses Paid by Credit Card
Tutorial #14: Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Accounts