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The Ad Specialty business is unique and complex. Our orders are so, and our accounting is too. I was a distributor for 23 years and learned first-hand these complexities that then had to be taught to bookkeepers and CPA’s, even those who had QuickBooks experience!

These tutorials reveal the optimum approach to running an Ad Specialty Distributorship using QuickBooks OR using QuickBooks integrated with SAGE Online.

The tutorials are arranged in step by step modules and are presented in chronological order to take advantage of every “auto-fill” option to minimize the re-entry of data. They also include workarounds specific to our industry and tips on how to save time and avoid errors.

I guarantee that these tutorials will provide you the maximum benefit that QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise can provide an Ad Specialty Distributor. You are on the brink of an accounting and order management process that is as streamlined and accurate as currently possible.

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Founder and Owner of Accounting Support, LLC

Harriet Gatter

Accounting Support LLC specializes in QuickBooks, the #1 small business accounting software package, and making it work efficiently for distributors in the Advertising Specialty Industry.This software can make the life of an Ad Specialty Distributor easier and more productive. Knowing how to use QuickBooks can save real time and money.I know. As an Ad Specialty Distributor of 23 years, I was always able to do all of my own bookkeeping, accounting and tax prep for my Distributorship. I missed only one deadline, thanks to systems, templates and reports that allowed me to manage each order as it demanded. Yes, my CPA prepared my taxes, but his time spent was minimal. I still am one of his favorite clients.

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